The eyes of the millions of internet users focus on Media websites & messages every day. Getting your business in front of your customer through a Facebook post, a video on YouTube, an image on Instagram, or in a Tweet are all ways to present your brand to your customer in a day to day real-time environment. Visual appeal is an important influencing factor to how your customer views you & recognizes your business as it is presented to them on a frequent basis. Messages on Media platforms are meant to peak interest & drive traffic to your Website. Messaging can also be used to re-position your brand in a modernised, fresh & interesting light. New Products, services or promotion announcements can be very successfully launched at low cost with the use of Media messages. If your company has received an award or participated in an important event these achievements can be highlighted to your network effectively elevating your profile in the business world. The desired result of an effective Media marketing campaign is reaching a larger, more robust & diverse audience through shared posts, incremental views or retweets. Our team @ A One Media Network will work with you to define your marketing plan, select the best platform(s) suited to your business, implement the Messaging campaign, then follow up with you measuring success rates. Let us help you raise awareness of your business & successfully increase your network today.

A One Media Network works with following platforms:


Facebook is a networking website that now has over 1.5 billion users, many of them logging in on a daily basis. We can design a Facebook Business Page & create Posts, include photos, photo albums, video & even Live Streaming clips. Your Shared content can be publicly accessible, or it can be tailored to a select audience.


YouTube is a video sharing websiteowned by Google with visitors watching around6 billion hoursof video every month. We can design & create a video for your business as an advertisement or infomercial to be uploaded to YouTube to share with the public or select subscribers. The same video can be further utilized by sharing it to your Facebook Business Page.


Twitter is an online news & networking website where people communicate in short messages called tweets. It is essentially micro blogging in 280 characters segments that can include photos. Twitter is an excellent resource for businesses to grow their audiences & increase follow-on website traffic. With over 400 million tweets a day and 230 million active users it is a powerful platform to use to communicate offers, promotions & advertising. We can develop a full marketing plan that includes frequent Tweets to keep customers interested and engaged with your business.


Instagram is a networking app(application) owned by Facebook with 400 million users. It is designed for smartphones & tablets enabling sharing multiple photos & 1-minute videos. Just like other networks, interaction occurs by users following other users & other users following you & your business. The Instagram app allows a smartphone user to take photos & videos with their device, easily edit & change the images by applying frames or colour filters & add captions to attract followers. Users can also instantly share the same photos or videos on their other media networks like Facebook & Twitter. Instagram is real-time creative tool we can use to further augment the value of your brand & business by telling your story through frequent posts.


LinkedIn is a networking website owned by Microsoft with 500 million users. 57% of businesses have a LinkedIn Business Page adding up to 13 million Business Pages on display. The website is designed for business professionals to establish connections with people they know. An individual member’s profile page details skills, employment history & education & delivers new feeds regarding their connections & businesses that they follow to their page. Business Pages display a high-level summary of the company along with basic information such as history, number of employees, website URL, specialities & industry. A LinkedIn Business Page can feature announcements, product launches, industry news & advertise career opportunities. We can work with you to design, publish & maintain a Business Page that reinforces your brand & ensures that your business is participating in this important professional forum.

We will make your business the A One choice

A One Media Network recognizes that your business plan may incorporate needs for advertising & collateral beyond the scope of the digital world of the internet.: We can streamline and co-ordinate all the creative artwork & messaging into one smooth & cohesive effort.